Dinner At Jtowns Hot Spot…Mussel and Burger Bar

I have mixed feelings about Mussel and Burger Bar.

We went on a Sunday evening around 6:00p.m

Group of 6

The service is inconsistent but the food is good. I say this because the service is really good when you first sit down but it dwindles off after that. You might get your drinks right away but don’t be surprised if you have to wait a while for the ketchup you want after getting your food or to order dessert (hence why I’ve never had dessert here)

It is dressed up to be a fancy restaurant but they yell out your name when your table is ready. When i say yell…i mean yell. Our table was close to the hostess stand so we had to deal with that throughout our night which got annoying fast. So i recommend sitting far away from the entrance and you won’t even hear it.

My recommendation to Mussel and Burger bar, get the little buzzers that everyone else has so that people know when their table is ready, either hire more waiters/waitresses or better train the ones you have to deal with a lot of customers. Last but not least… build a website. Facebook is nice but customers shouldn’t have to search and search and search for a menu.

Check out what we got…

La Frita Cubana And Pomme Frites

La Frita Cubana And Pomme Frites

This burger has the potential to be amazing. Just looking at the ingredients makes your mouth water. But i ordered it Medium Well done (how i order all my burgers) and i explained that i wanted just a little bit pink in the middle. Well, it came out Medium, all pink thru ought and the waiter didn’t come back anytime soon for me to send it back.

Elote Callejero (Mexican Corn on the Cob)

Elote Callejero (Mexican Corn on the Cob)

By far my favorite thing here. Next time I plan on just getting this and their french fries because they are soooooo good. I don’t like the typical Mexican corn on the cob with mayonnaise and chili powder but this taste nothing like that. This version of corn on the cob is so unique i definitely recommend trying it.

Don’t let this post stop you from going to Mussel and Burger bar. Try it and you’ll probably love it. Just expect to wait a while and while waiting remember that the food will be worth your wait.

I recommend the M&BB Grilled Chicken. I got this the first time we went and it was the best grilled chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. It wasn’t too dry like most and the combination of flavors was outstanding.

If you are a fan of Mussels, the Curry Cream is a must try. I don’t like Mussels but the flavor on these was amazing.

To all my vegetarian friends, the name may discourage you from trying this restaurant but they have a few itemsĀ  on the menu for you such as the “Vegetarian” a beet and quinoa burger.

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  1. Brockenstein

    If they need a website then the should get a hold of me. I am a local web designer who can host and design their website for them.

    I also agree Elote Callejero (Mexican Corn on the Cob) is an awesome dish!


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