Earring display


Earring display for craft show booth
It’s actually a cupcake holder that spins.
I bought it at TJ Maxx but I see them all the time. I used open crimp beads so the earrings will stay in place.
I used it at a Booth once before and it worked out perfectly and it attracted people to my Booth.


Breakfast buffet


One thing I love about Myrtle Beach is the amount of breakfast restaurants it has.
Since breakfast is my favorite meal of the day I’m always excited about the amount of breakfast I’ll be able to eat while visiting.

Mammy’s has been in Myrtle Beach for over 60 years… I love a restaurant with some history.
We decided to try Mammy’s kitchen since it had a Breakfast buffet for only $7.99.
I was very happy when I found out they also  had a fruit bar since I love fruit for breakfast.
Unfortunately the melon wasn’t good but the strawberries were delicious.

The buffet consisted of scrambled eggs, Bacon, sausage, gravy, pancakes and lots more.

The staff was very friendly, the food was great and it’s close the beach.


Late night hot dogs


I was very excited to eat at Sam’s Corner again.
It’s a little hole in the wall mom and pop restaurant but the hot dogs are delicious! They have lots of toppings to choose from and cheap prices.
Best of all is that they are open 24/7.

Recommendation: Bring cash! They only accept cash. They have an ATM but to avoid any extra fees just bring cash.

Don’t be surprised if it smells like smoke. You can smoke in a lot of restaurants in Myrtle Beach.


Discovering an American Treasure




Today we had the privilege of visiting America’s largest home The Biltmore Estate.
This house was massive! It has 250 rooms, a bowling alley, indoor swimming pool, an indoor garden and much much more. Even though the tour was self guided we learned a lot thru the brochure we got at the beginning of the tour.

I definitely recommend visiting at least once. It may seem too expensive but it is well worth it. Especially if you are in love with the early 1900′s or the show Downton Abbey like me.

For the admission price you not only get access to the house but also the grounds around the house which includes the rose garden, conservatory, azalea garden and the bass pond.
You will also have access to Antler Hill Village and Winery. There you can enjoy shops, restaurants a self guided tour of the winery, free wine tastings and the Antler Hill barn where you can learn about how farm life was in the early 1900′s.

Price: Around $60 per person check their website or call for current prices

Recommendation: Plan on a lot of walking so bring comfortable shoes also plan on spending 6 – 8 hours here.

We spent around 6 hours. We did the self guided tour of the house, walked around a little outside but we didn’t go to any of the gardens since it was cold. We went into a few of the shops in the stables then headed over to Antler Village.
At Antler village we toured the winery, enjoyed the free wine tasting, went in a few shops and toured “the Vanderbilt’s at home and abroad” exhibition which showed archival photos, letters and personal items.

I had so much fun and can’t wait to go back!

Harvest homecoming 2013


If you are looking for something to do this weekend you should check out Harvest Homecoming

Where: Downtown New Albany Indiana
When: October 10 -13
What: Festival filled with vendor booths and lot’s of food
How much: free! You should plan to spend $5 for parking since it’s virtually impossible to find a free spot.
Food prices range anywhere from $4 and up

Recommendation: take good walking shoes and come early

Free museum Saturday!!


A lot of us are always looking for fun things to do on the weekend either to take the kids or just the hubby. Most of all we want something fun to do that is also cheap. What better to do than go to a museum this Saturday for free!
Local museums include

Locust Grove which is my favorite (good for a date )
Kentucky Derby museum
Louisville science center
(good for the kids )

More info at the link bellow


Thai Cuisine

Our Waiter at Chai Pani recommended this restaurant. He said he was eating the food and wondered “why is this food so good!”

He was right, we sat there and wondered “why is this food so good…its just Thai food”

We went on a Saturday afternoon for lunch.

It’s a little hole in the wall restaurant but don’t let that discourage you from going. The food is so good! Its really close to the beach so its very convenient.

Gang Ga Ree- Chicken, potatos, carrots and peas in yellow curry with white rice on the side

Gang Ga Ree- Chicken, potatoes, carrots and peas in yellow curry with white rice on the side

This dish was amazing. It was perfectly flavored and it was enough for us to share.

Thai Fries- Sweet potato fries with a peanut dipping sauce

Thai Fries- Sweet potato fries with a peanut dipping sauce

I am obsessed with fires and these were amazing. They taste like they were fried in funnel cake batter some how. They are actually deep fired sweet potatoes mixed with coconut and Thai butter.

By far the best Thai food I’ve ever had!

Recommendation: Don’t let how the restaurant looks on the outside fool you. The food is delicious and its clean on the inside. Make sure to try the Thai fries


Thai Cuisine Restaurant on Urbanspoon

A fun afternoon at Chai Pani

We are always looking to try something we wouldn’t be able to find in Louisville,Ky. We found Chai Pani in this search.

And it was amazing!

We were there on a Friday for lunch we ate at the bar.

Its Indian street food so its not like Shalimar or Kashmir. The menu and the environment are very different from any of the restaurants I’ve been to around here.

The menu consists of Indian style, burgers, fries, crepes and lots lots more.

The environment is very laid back they have inside and outside dinning. ┬áIts the perfect place to go for lunch…or dinner :)

Chicken Sliders with medium spicy sauce on homemade buns Cilantro French Fries with dipping sauce

Chicken Sliders with medium spicy sauce on homemade buns
Cilantro French Fries with dipping sauce

Our waiters name was Kipper, he was very chipper hehe. Probably the best waiter we’ve every had. He gave us some awesome recommendations on what to do in Myrtle beach for instance the Thai restaurant.

If we lived closer we would be at this restaurant all the time! Its that amazing.

Even if you think you don’t like Indian food, try this restaurant. The uniqueness in the food and the perfect blend in spices is more than likely like nothing you’ve had before.

Recommendations: Ask your waiter what to try so you can get something our of your comfort zone. We did that and our food was amazing.

Chai Pani on Urbanspoon

Our Amazing Vacation in Myrtle Beach

We decided to go to Myrtle Beach when i found an amazing Groupon for a Condo rental and NASCAR ride along.

My Husband and i both agree that it was our favorite vacation so far.

We were there June 6th-10th. We stopped in Asheville , NC on the way for a day since it was at the half way mark. We had so much fun in Asheville and had the opportunity of eating at an amazing Indian restaurant.

I definitely recommend visiting Myrtle Beach. Its not so tourist filled like Orlando. It has a country charm to it, but their still is plenty to do for all ages.They have a few restaurants which were open over night which was awesome sine we are night owls. Some of the 5 star hotels in Myrtle Beach go on sale the day of booking if they don’t sell out so make sure to check that out if you don’t mind hotel hopping. Its at least nice to stay for one night to get the whole 5 star experience. We stayed at the Sheraton.

Check out my reviews of restaurants, hotels and fun things to do. You’re welcome to comment on some of the places you’ve been in Myrtle Beach.

Thanks for reading


Welcome to Myrtle Beach

Welcome to Myrtle Beach